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Hello, I'm Karl the Haydog, and along with Joe Celuch and his wife Brenda, we own and operate Beagle Hill Farms in the foothills of Muskingum County, Ohio. We have become a steady-growing producer of ultra-premium Ohio hay, as well as developing a highly recognized, environmentally-friendly and successful angus-hybrid cow-calf operation.

Hay making began on our farm in 1999 - mainly to provide nutrient-rich, quality hays for our cattle herd, but we also began supplying our premium hay to small to medium size horse and cattle farms in the area. Today we offer Ohio hay for sale to quality farms across the country.

Due to constantly increasing demand, we are continually expanding our fields and capabilities to serve a wider group of customers. Each year we will be offering hay available from these added acres to select new customers. Our farming plan commits us to around 10% growth each year. This is a manageable, sustainable pace that will allow us to offer an increased volume of premium alfalfa blends and pure-seeded grass hays to the marketplace into the future, while maintaining the quality and service standards that keeps our customers coming back year after year.

Located in the corner of Muskingum, Coshocton, and Licking Counties, we are centered in possibly the largest hay exporting locale of the state. Nearby is the town of Frazeysburg, home of the famous Frazeysburg Dairy Queen. And hidden in the woods behind some of our hayfields, you will find Stone Crest Vineyards, where you can sample or purchase some outstanding local wine from our good friends Cheryl and Mike Barker. These small-town venues are sure to offer a nice experience during your hay buying journey.

It's in our blood...

Ed Troendly
Alfalfa expert and the mentor of our growing experience.

Our families have been producing forages in Ohio since 1813, and before that beginning in Pennsylvania prior to the Revolutionary War... This particular farm sprouted its roots under the mentorship of the late Edwin Troendly, affectionately known as "The Alfalfa King" in the industry. Ed's guidance, based on the techniques he gleaned from over six decades of growing ultra-high quality alfalfa, clearly shows in our fields today. And with over a decade of research, experimentation, and experience in growing high quality hays under our belts, we are seeing an increasing demand for our superior quality bales.

Trailer Rental

We have placed in service a rental trailer to help our customers transport their own hay home, at the convenience of their schedule. Our new low height trailer is a perfect fit behind your SUV or pickup truck. Use it to carry another 60 bales on your trip. Connection is a standard 2" Ball. Daily rental rate of $30, and proof of current auto insurance necessary.


Delivery Available

Normally, Joe's Hay can arrange delivey of your hay - whether locally or across the US!

While long distance loads out of state are arranged with our long term carrier, we personally deliver regional loads ranging from a few bales up to a load of 240. Call Joe for a quote on pricing to your doorstep. Rates are based on operating costs, and you will find its cheaper than renting or operating your own truck and trailer for such limited use. Gather your friends or relatives for an unloading party, and we'll have our driver there with your load at the time you specify.

We can also give you pricing for us to bring along all necessary unloading labor and elevators, and stack it neatly where you need it.. We'll need to know if there's a distance to carry it, whether its same level unload, or up into an overhead loft or mow.

We are fully insured and covered by worker's compensation, so your liabilities are covered. Give us a call at 740-403-7203 for complete information.

FeaturedAvailable Hay

Joe's Hay Logo

Second Cutting
Other Specialty Grasses - Very nice Reed Canary blend
Small Square Bales

Nice color and aroma

Joe's Hay Logo

First Cutting
Orchard/Alfalfa Blend - Very nice hay. Stored inside
5' x 6' Round Bales

Very large 5x6 round bales. Recent seeding, good quality hay

5' x 6' Round Bales Available: 55 bales
Round Bale Weight: approx. 1650 pounds per bale
Round Bale Price: $ 125.00 per bale
Tons Available: 45 tons
Price per ton: $ 140.00 per ton
Cover-Edge® net-wrapped
Bale Sliced®
High Density Bales

First Cutting
Other Specialty Grasses - Reed Canary Grass
Small Square Bales

Near pure Reed Canary
Show Calf Special hay
Leafy, excellent making conditions

Available in limited quantities

Second Cutting
Mixed Grasses - Very Nice Bales - Great Aroma
Small Square Bales

Very good making conditions
Some of the better 2014 standard mixed grass hay available
Excellent hay for horses not being worked hard

Second Cutting
Orchard Grass
Small Square Bales

Excellent Quality Pure Warrior Orchardgrass XL
Great Leafy Green Bales
More mature when made, slight weedy inclusions

Joe's Hay Logo

Third Cutting
Orchard/Alfalfa Blend - OA blend new seeding. Difficult making conditions
Small Square Bales

Cure is mediocre. Typical of 2014 growing season. No guarantee on this hay.
Square Bales Available: 68 bales
Price: $ 5.00 per bale
understanding reserving

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